Already in love with this city.

Day one has already come and gone! It is 10:00 pm in the Netherlands, and although it is only 3:00 in the afternoon in Kansas City, I am exhausted from all of the travel and excitement that has occurred throughout the past 36 hours.


I left Kansas City yesterday at 3:00 pm, and after making a stop in Minneapolis, I took off on an eight hour flight to Amsterdam. Due to the time change, we arrived in the Netherlands this morning at noon (which is 5:00 am Kansas City time). The rest of this afternoon went by so fast and felt so surreal.

The city is gorgeous. I was able to spend a few hours walking around this afternoon, and was able to see the canals, canal houses, bridges, and beautiful architecture that makes Amsterdam so breathtaking.

After some exploring, I went to dinner with my whole group at a Japanese noodle bar called Wagamama. Surprisingly, Amsterdam is actually known for their Asian, and specifically Indonesian, food. If tonight’s dinner was any indication of how the meals will be the rest of this trip, I think my tummy is going to be very happy this week.

After dinner, a few of my friends and I strolled through Amsterdam with our professor who brought us on this trip. I found that this city is just as beautiful at night too! I am already in love with this city, and I have only seen a small part of it.


By the looks of how this first day and a half went, I can tell the rest of the week is going to be such a great adventure.

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