My Thoughts on Going Home

As my time here quickly comes to an end, I am feeling a mix of emotions about leaving Harlaxton in just over one week. It both breaks my heart and makes my heart feel so full.

It feels like just a week ago I was arriving at the manor for the first time. Surrounded by strangers, full of ignorance and wonder. Now, four months later, this whole experience is still so hard to wrap my head around.

Those strangers have become my best friends. The ignorance was replaced with discovery of cultures, differences, and beautiful places. And the wonder turned into a pretty bad travel bug and a desire to see the world.

Preparing to Leave

This past week, my friends and I have spent every moment we can trying to take advantage of the time we have left here. We’ve spent afternoons exploring Grantham and eating at our favorite spot, the Picture Cafe. We’ve gone into town for groceries to have picnics and watch the sunset on the hill. After classes our afternoons are spent hammocking, journaling, exploring the manor, and relaxing outside.

I know leaving here will be very bittersweet. I miss so much about home and I am so excited to return, but I am also leaving so much behind.

Four months ago I was scared and anxious, not knowing how this experience would be. Now, I am so grateful for every day I’ve spend here. I’m not sure what to expect when I leave here in one week, I know it will be a mix of emotions. I am sad to have to end this chapter, but looking forward to starting a new one.


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