Colorado Bucket List

Earlier this month I took a trip to Colorado with my boyfriend for a family graduation. Although the road trip across western Kansas isn’t exactly the most exciting, the 19 hour in the car was well worth it for some family time and a day of hiking & exploring (and some yummy Voodoo donuts). Plus, road trips aren’t too terrible when you nap half of the time and have good company for the rest.

This was only my third trip to Colorado, and on my very few visits I have fallen in love with the state and decided my next trip needs to be more than just a weekend.

Since Colorado has so much to see and offer, and it is a fairly close neighbor of Kansas City, I decided to make a Colorado Bucket List for future reference. Because if I can’t travel why not make plans and dream about traveling?

25 Colorado Adventures to Take:

☑ Skiing: This one’s obvious. I’ve tried skiing once but it was a short and frustrating experience so I’m checking it off but leaving it up there to try again.

☐ Snowboarding

☐ Sledding

☑ Alpine Slide: Have done this one, but I was 10. Also would like to try again.

☑ Denver

☐ Breckenridge

☑ Colorado Springs

☐ Boulder

☐ Aspen

☐ Vail

☐ Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park

☐ Off-roading

☐ Hike to Pike’s Peak

☑ Garden of the Gods: beautiful park with great rock climbing.

☐ Whitewater rafting

☐ Brewery tour

☑ Voodoo Donuts: yum and check.

☐ Sunset & sunrise over the mountains

☐ Hammocking

☐ Camping

☐ Biking

☐ Hot Springs

☐ Casa Bonita (sorry)

☐ Horseback riding in the mountains

☐ Mount Evans Scenic Byway (the highest paved road in North America)


Comment if you have any other must-dos that I need to add!


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