Falling in Love with London: Hidden Markets and Hipster Town

On my second trip to London this weekend, my family and I spent a lot of time exploring various different areas of the city. From Big Ben to Westminister, to The Tower of London and The Eye. I had a blast seeing some of the more touristy locations, but we also discovered some new, less crowded areas too! On our tours and adventures throughout the city, we found markets and areas more off the beaten path. These quickly became some of my new favorite parts of London.

Borough Market

We went to Borough Market our first evening in London, and unfortunately we arrived right as things were starting to close down. Borough Market is a beautiful food market located south of the Thames River in Southwark. The market was huge, and full of every type of food you can imagine! You visit for just a coffee, or find a whole meal. There were vendors selling wines, baked goods, fruit, and even meats. My family and I stopped in a cute cheese store for some homemade cheese and crackers!

“Hipster-Ville” aka Spitalfields

On our second day, a tour guide led us to Spitalfields, which he called “hipster-ville”. I’m not sure if that’s what I’d call it, but it was definitely a very young and fun area! There were tons of vintage and thrift shops (which I LOVE), different ethnic foods, and cool bars. I never knew this area even existed!

Spitalfields Market

If you’re in Spitalfields, you have to go to Spitalfields Market. Other than vintage clothing, this area was also a great place to grab lunch, a quick snack, or a fun souvenir. My parents got some great coffees and my sister found a super fun graphic sweatshirt!

In an area not too far from the Spitalfields Market a tour guide also led us to see some artwork from a famous English graffiti artist, Banksy. If you’ve never heard of him, look him up. He’s a super cool anonymous graffiti artist known for his satirical work and playing tricks on the public. It was super neat to be able to see some of his work and hear some of his stories!

Camden Market

After exploring Spitalfields Market, we were hungry from walking around the food because it smelled so good! So we traveled about 20 minutes northwest to a more well-known area of London called Camden Town. Camden Town is a lot like the previous markets and areas we visited, except much more busy. Loads of restaurants, street vendors, and shops lined the streets. In the center of it all, you’ll find the hub of Camden Market.

Camden Market is so eclectic and fun! It is the best place to grab a meal or find a cool trinket. My sister visited the famous Chin Chin ice cream shop, which is seriously home to the best hot chocolate and chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had. Meanwhile, my dad and I grabbed some amazing burgers at a stand called Honest Burgers. Our bellies were happy that afternoon.


If you find yourself in London and you’re looking for something cool, off the beaten-path, and different to do (or if you just want some good street food or market food) any of these areas would be a perfect place to venture.



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