Happy National Tulip Day!

Happy National Tulip Day, Holland! What a coincidence that this day happened to fall in the middle of our trip!
Something I have noticed throughout this trip is how beautiful the flowers are here, even in the dead of winter! Holland is known for their tulips, and the history of tulips in the Netherlands dates back to the 17th century. During that time, known as ‘Tulip Fever’, tulips were in such high demand that they were used as a form of currency. Some single bulbs could be sold for a price which could have purchased a nice house in Amsterdam!
Today the supply of tulips in the Netherlands has gone up, so the price of tulip bulbs is much more reasonable. The people of Amsterdam take a lot of pride in their tulips, and they are everywhere. We have seen beautiful flowers in every street market we’ve been to!
Since today was National Tulip Day, a huge display was set up in front of the Royal Palace. Although it was way too crowded to get into, we did manage to find a nearby department store that had a pretty good view.
The flowers of Amsterdam are such a great national symbol. I am amazed every day by the beauty I see in the countless colorful flowers all over the city. Especially in the Bloemenmarkt, where I was able to buy myself some tulip bulbs. I even found a type of tulip bulb named Miranda! So of course I had to get those.
In the warmer months, Holland is filled with tulip fields and the Bloemenmarkt is even busier and more beautiful than it was this week! I would love to be able to come back during the spring months some day to experience the tulips in full bloom.
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