How I Have Made My Room Feel Like Home

Leaving my home to come to Harlaxton this semester was hard, as I’m sure it was for everybody. Moving into a strange room in a big manor halfway across the world is just a *bit* of a change.

Something that really helped me to adjust and feel comfortable was making my room more “me”. Unfortunately room was not connected to the manor, therefore I did not end up spending a lot of time there. Still, I ended up falling in love with the space I created. Here are some of my favorite ways I was able to accomplish that with a small budget and limited luggage space.


Although I had to pack an entire semester worth of clothing and necessities into one suitcase, I had to make room for some photos! I printed off photos of my family, boyfriend, and friends that I had taken last fall and I hung them all over my room. I even placed some inside books as bookmarks or inside my journal. Honestly, I probably could have waited and ordered these online once I got to Harlaxton. Photos are super cheap that way. (So props to me for fitting them in my suitcase I guess). This was a nice visual reminder of what I had waiting for me back home.

Home Comforts

Nothing like some home comforts to make you feel better when you’re homesick (or actually sick). Things I brought included my favorite stuffed animal, old t-shirts, my journal, and my favorite book. My mom also surprised me by putting some fuzzy socks in my suitcase and sending me a fuzzy blanket. I was very thankful to have comforting items around me.


One of my favorite things to have in my room at home is fresh flowers. Waking up and seeing flowers in the morning is just a great way to start off a day. It just puts you in a great mood, ya know? Luckily, our local grocery store had cute plants like this one for only£1! I hate hearing the excuse that “flowers are expensive” because they can be so cheap and so pretty! Since I was gone every weekend I wasn’t able to water my plants as much as I should, so I actually went through two different plants while I was here. Luckily they were so cheap and they definitely brightened up my room.

Shelf Trinkets

I had a nice set of shelves right next to my desk so I took the opportunity to decorate them throughout the semester! My favorite way to do this was to use knick-knacks that I collected throughout my trips. Every time I looked at them I ended up being reminded of all of the fun I had in different countries. I collected Laduree boxes from Paris, a hat from London, coin purses in Barcelona, mugs from Grantham, a mug from Budapest, and polaroids from every city I went to.

Pieces of Home

This last one is something I am very grateful for. Throughout the semester, I received various letters, postcards, notes, and care packages from back home. I and so thankful for my loving parents, sisters, Grandparents, friends, and boyfriend who were there through every hard and exciting part of this semester. The mail, the texts, FaceTime calls, and constant “I miss you”s and “come home soon”s have helped me to stay connected to those back home and have me feeling excited to return.


Even though I’m not there often, I’d just like to thank my cozy little room for becoming part of my home away from home this semester. It may feel like a cramped college dorm, but it’s my cute and cramped college dorm and little part of me is going to miss it.


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