Switzerland Story Time

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Switzerland was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. My friends & I had a blast and I absolutely fell in love.

Unfortunately though, no weekend is ever perfect. So I decided to write a post on the not-so-great (but maybe a little funny) parts of my adventure… 

Spending All of Our Money

Switzerland is expensiveeeee. We knew this going in, but it still surprised me. The food, the shopping, the souvenirs, everything. I really didn’t buy much while I was there. Rather, my friends and I spent our money on the excursions and train tickets, which still ended up being well worth it!

One way we did save money was by bringing our own food. Harlaxton makes sack lunches that you can take with you on weekends, which is nice.

We also made our own food! One of my favorite parts of the trip was staying in and cooking dinner on Friday night. Luckily, my friends and I stayed in a B&B that had a kitchen available to us. So on Friday night we went to the store and bought things to make pasta & mozzarella sticks, plus some fruit, wine, and dessert! It was definitely a cheaper option and ended up being so yummy and such a blast to just hang out and cook together.

Staying at Walter’s B&B

Alright. Ready for a good story? So two of my friends and I booked a room at Walter’s B&B in Interlaken. NEVER STAY HERE. We ended up being kicked out- lol. Here’s what happened:

So it was a pretty nice place for the price. We got linens, it was clean, there was a kitchen, and it was quiet. My friend booked the room online for three people. We got there and there were three beds, plus we paid the price online. No problem, right? Well, the man who owned the place (who didn’t seem to speak much English) kept saying “Two person? Two person!” Well. No, there was three of us. But we went with it.

The second night we were there, Walter was lingering out in our hall. We thought something was up, then he came in our room and just started yelling at us! He kept repeating “Two person! No three person!”, and pointing at my friend saying “It needs to leave!”.

What?!! We were so confused…

I tried talking to him, I tried explaining how we reserved a three-person room, I tried to reason. But he did not understand me at all. He just kept yelling.

Now, I know I shouldn’t be upset over someone not speaking English. I was in his country, I was the stranger who did not speak his language. This being said, this was extremely frustrating. And kinda scary! We got Walter to leave our room, then decided to pack up our stuff and leave Walter’s B&B.

Unfortunately, because of our misunderstanding and the man’s rude and unnecessary behavior, we couldn’t stay there two nights. We didn’t feel comfortable and we were pretty angry. I quickly called the Youth Hostel in town and got us a room there. It ended up being a very nice place, one of the nicest I’ve stayed while studying abroad! Plus it was in a much better location.

In the end, it all worked out, and now we have a good story to add to our adventurous weekend about a crazy old man yelling at us.



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