The Family Has Arrived!

After the longest two and a half months ever, my family is finally complete again! I have waited for this moment since saying goodbye to my parents and two sisters last January.

I have loved my time abroad and certainly am not one of those people counting down the days until I return, I am enjoying this experience way too much.

This being said, the past few weeks I have not stopped thinking about my family coming to visit. Today after classes, I got a ride into town where I anxiously waited at my favorite cafe for my family to arrive. It was the longest ten minutes ever. My stomach was turning and my hands were shaking with excitement. The moment I saw them step out of the car I was sprinting out the front doors of the restaurant. It was one of the happiest moments I have had, and every minute since has been amazing! My mom cried, my sisters wouldn’t let me go, and I’m pretty sure my dad was holding back tears too.

Immediately things felt like normal again. My mom fell back into her motherly role, my sisters and I were gossiping and catching up, and my dad and I fell back into our usual stubborn and joking banters. It honestly felt like I had only been gone a few days.

To give them a taste of Grantham, I took my family to Poundland, Morrison’s Grocery store, and my favorite cafe, The Picture Cafe. My adopted parents for the semester even met us for the meal!

One of my favorite parts of the day was bringing them back to Harlaxton. I loved seeing the look on their faces the first time they saw the manor off in the distance, and hearing their reactions when we drove up the driveway. It made me think back to the day when I arrived, and I loved seeing it from this perspective. I was so proud and excited to show them around my home. We explored the gardens, I showed them my favorite views, and of course let them explore a few secret passageways.

On the way home, my exhausted and jet-lagged family napped on and off, so I had time to talk to them each individually and do some more catching up. The whole day felt so normal and was so much needed.

Going back to our hotel in London tonight (which is absolutely GORGEOUS) I am feeling to blessed just to be sitting on the couch hanging out with my family and falling asleep under the same roof as all of them. I have missed them each so much and cannot wait for the adventures we will take over the next week.



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