Thoughts on Being Home

It has officially been about three weeks since I have been back in Kansas. Being home has been a mixture of exhaustion and excitement, it feels like I’ve gone through all of the emotions.

Traveling home was exhausting. After an all-nighter in Heathrow, I was awake for about 40 hours straight (minus a 5 hour nap on the plane). Talk about jet lag. As I took off from London I felt so sad to be leaving my home and my life abroad behind. But by the time I landed in Kansas City my emotions were exactly opposite. I ran off of the airplane, gave my boyfriend the longest hug ever, and was so excited to finally say “I’m home.”

Driving through my hometown, up my street, and walking in my front door felt strange. I think I expected everything to feel very foreign, but it oddly felt like I had only been gone for a few days. Still, it was such a joyous night to be home. My boyfriend had welcomed me with my favorite flowers and a big tub of Buffalo Wild Wings (the meal I’d missed the most). Then my family greeted me with hugs, a “Welcome Home” banner, kisses from my dogs, and my mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies.

(Please excuse the quality of the pictures, they made me too happy not to post them).

The next 48 hours after arriving home was a blur. I felt like I was on cloud nine spending so much time with everyone I had missed. My sleep schedule and appetite was very thrown off, but that didn’t stop me from having a family meal at Jose Peppers or staying up late to catch up with friends.

My favorite part- my amazing friends stopped by my house the day after I got home and surprised me. I had planned on surprising them later that week, but they beat me to it and captured a pretty good video. I hated them and absolutely loved them for it.

As the week went on I suffered from some jet lag that made me feel pretty sick. Still, I powered through and made trips to Kansas City, Lawrence, Pittsburg, and Baldwin City to see friends and family. It was amazing to fall back into regular comforts, like breakfast with my family or falling asleep with my friends in our sorority house.

Adjusting ever since has been weird. It’s strange to use American money, to say “thank you” instead of “cheers”, and to not wake up in a castle anymore. I know I’ll probably grow homesick for Harlaxton eventually, but right now I couldn’t be happier to be home.



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